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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Pompeii -- Bastille (EH-EHOO-EHOO-EH-EHOO)
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Life really is like a rollercoaster, y'know. It seems I take turns writing good and bad news on my DA journal. I could be writing my thoughts on tumblr like a lot of my friends do, but honestly, deviantart seems to be a lot more quiet and I have less followers on here so its not as overwhelming. I'm looking to write a journal, put my thoughts away, and hear others opinions, not cause a drama bomb. I do really appreciate those that do read these, though.

Anyway, update. First thing that's been on my mind for a while is that my oldest ferret, Pan, is gettin up there in age. I think he's about 7 now and that's the expected lifespan for a ferret. He's thin, can barely walk because of his frail hips, and has a tumor on his neck. Not a fatal one, thank goodness for that, but he itches at it. He's the last of the original two I started out with, Ozzie having passed away years ago, and then my third ferret, Japolo, shortly after from old age, and I'm not sure if I'm ready for Pantalaimon to go yet. I've had him for about five years now. What's just as hard is seeing him be old, because watching him stumble around the house I remember when he used to dash out from under the couch and attack our feet like a little carpet shark and steal stuffed animals to hide under my bed. Now he just kind of wanders aimlessly around, eats, and sleeps. I can tell he misses Ozzie and Japolo, especially Ozzie, because we have a stuffed ferret toy that he likes to carry around the house with him and sleep with. Its the oddest thing, he treats it like its real. If the stuffed animal falls over on its side, he'll put in the effort to sit it back upright. He started doing this shortly after Ozzie passed away. He doesn't really seem to care about my two newest ferrets, Felix and Lina, either. I got them to keep him company but he doesn't seem to care whether they're here at all.

Biggest current problem, however, is job hunting. I'm unemployed and my mother was recently laid off from a company she had been working for, for 12 years. We were struggling enough before as it was, since my dad decided it would be well and fun to run out on us as well as short us money whenever he can get away with it, but with our biggest source of income gone we are kind of screwed. I've lost sleep and I've felt myself sinking back into a depression I only just climbed out of. I've started having small anxiety attacks, that's REALLY NEW. And not good, I'm assuming. That and I'm realizing its around the same time last year that my mother and I discovered my father had been cheating again and left soon after. So just...god our house is a wreck right now! Patrick's back from college and he's been touchy about dad, as is Nathan and he's turning 15 this summer so he's going through a tough emotional growth, Alexis seems to be the most pure, happy little thing on the planet so none of this has really phased her, but my mom's gotten ill from all the stress and heartbreak and we recently found out she's anemic to add to that.

Lose your husband and your job? Why don't we take away half your blood and your health too! That should cheer you right up!

Not to mention I feel that two of my best friends on the planet are starting to slip away from me. Thankfully I have my roommate to keep me company (and sane), but my oldest childhood friend is starting to piss me off with how immature she acts towards said roommate and I've felt that another one of my friends has started losing interest in me and I see her as like a big sister.  

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh. Fuck Everything. In retrospect, things could be worse and its stuff like this I can cope with pretty well if I'm given them in small doses, but all of this over the course of a few months is just too much. I want to both scream and just go sleep in a corner, but life goes on and I have things I need to do and people who depend on me. 

Now that I've put you through some of the crappy stuff, I owe both you and myself a list of the good that has happened. Because there is! There's always something nice happening at the same time as the bad things. If there wasn't I would be driven insane! My art has really taken off! Sort of. I work on Doctor Whooves & Assistant audio dramas now, as I stated in my last journal, and everyone there is just fantastic! Really some of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of talking with and I've made some really good friends in the short time I've been with them. Even met a special someone that is helping with my truckload of emotions. I thank him greatly for that, he's such a sweetie. I think we've been dating for going on three months now?

I've also begun a drawn ask blog for Ponies With Pockets based off of one of the DW&A characters, while trying to see where else I can use my art to help around other blogs that might need it. I'm not going to lie, though, I've been kept pretty busy with my art and all of its my volunteer stuff because commissions haven't been doing great. 

Just letting you know, that's not a plug. I'm not that pathetic. I'm basically doing extensive whining right now. 

It has gotten very...much, though. Its been a mix of art, video editing for a personal project, some voice over work for an abridged series I'll be doing, and writing. I don't even know when I'll be able to start working on my web comic, especially if I find a real job. I just can't say no, though, and I'm not sure I want to! Even though I've piled my work up, its kept me distracted from all the bad that's been happening. Because even though there's a lot of it, its at least something I genuinely enjoy doing even if I'm not being paid. I like feeling that something I love doing matters to somebody for once and that I can get a 'thank you' every now and then for doing a good job. Of course, posting art on here and getting such nice comments from you guys is just as rewarding! Its hard to believe from this text wall, but I'm not all that talkative and even a little shy, so I don't always reply to your comments but I read every single last one of them while internally squealing myself silly. In conclusion, I'll keep raising my hand at new opportunities and putting my best foot forward with a smile on my face just for the few moments that make me feel like I have meaning, while being grateful every step of the way. Because whatever is going on in tumblr, deviantart, or skype right now is a hell of a lot better then what's happening out here, I'll tell ya that folks. Is this a healthy train of thought? Probably not, but ask me if I care. :/


United States
Name: Serenity (or at shcool they call me Pikachu)
Birthday: January 17th
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birth stone: Garnet
Planet: Saturn
Flower: Carnation
Favorite food: Rocky road or pineapple coconut ice cream, lasgna
Favorite colors: Teal and orange
Favorite Songs: Take Me Away (Globus), Simple and Clean (Utada Hikaru) A Place For Us (Carrie Underwood), Arms (Christina Perri), Cartoon Heroes (Aqua), Nyassu No Uta (Pokemon), Mangas Love (Megumi Hayashibara), Aimo Tori no Hitu (Megumi Nakajima), Cant Help Falling In Love (Elvis) Burning Love (also Elvis)

Favorite Cartoons Characters: Ozymandius, Wheatley, Stitch, Meowth, Lucario, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Oswald, Bonkers, Dodger, Pero, Jillas, Zelgadis, Xellos, Cait Sith, Dororo, Sora, Reepicheep, Daxter, Tart, Japolo, Rakushun, Spike dragon, Fluttershy, Toothless, Artemis, Jiji, Rev Runner, Rocky Rickaby, Gonff

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