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Ozzie Totem Change: Altaria by Dream-Of-Serenity
Ozzie Totem Change: Altaria
He's so happy, you guys don't even know. He's upset his usually fluffy tail is gone, but it was just replaced with even more fluff. So now there's a 6'4 guy running up to random people, flailing his arms around, and asking people to touch his fluff.

Ozzie, chill, you're going to get some weird looks. Stahp.
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Hooked on a Feeling (OOGA SHACKA OOGA OOGA SHAKA!)
  • Reading: Warrior Cats: Book One
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy behind the scenes
  • Playing: Minecraft
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  • Drinking: Chocolate milk

I've literally not wanted a sequel so badly for a movie before. Like, I'm fine with sequels but I just sit back and wait for them to happen. However, this is just...this is intense. I'm going to talk about the movie a bit so if you haven't seen it and don't want spoilers don't keep reading, but I have to get my thoughts out.


Okay first off CHARACTERS!!! I loved every single one of them. The only one I found made me yawn was Ronan, but typical straight up badguys bore me anyway. He wasn't all that great. But Nebula was a pretty fantastic villain! I knew I was going to love Rocket, and there are so many ways they could have screwed the character up. But they didn't, and he's amazing and my favorite and I'll explain why in a moment but everyone else still blew me away. I honestly didn't plan on enjoying Gamora and Drax as much as I did BUT I DID! They are just as funny as everyone else in this movie. And Peter is one of the greatest protagonists we've had in a while. Let's go in order...

Peter (Starlord) Quill: The character has you crying just two minutes into the movie after they off his mother. Not even joking, it takes a lot to have me tear up at movies. It really does, so finding myself get a little misty eyed was weird. It was just like 'I CAME HERE TO SEE A FUNNY MOVIE WHAT IS THIS?!' He's such a great character though, and really its because of Chris Pratt. We've seen Peter Quil in many, many different movies. He's the asshole, womanizer who's a rascal but secretly has a heart of gold and he likes to goof off but he's kind of a jerk. This part wouldn't have worked if they had picked anyone else for his actor. Pratt was beyond perfection. Also Quil and his 70's-80's jams was pretty great.

Gamora: Adopted by a man who killed her parents right in front of her and raised to be a deadly assassin. How MESSED up is that?! Firstly how do you tolerate living under someone that killed your family for so long, let alone let them make you into a death machine?! Gamora starts off cold, but not without snark and I loved that because it would have been so easy not to give her any personality past 'Miss Brooding'. Best part was, though they show her and Quill being romantic towards one another, it is such a minor focus! Good job, guys. The clip of her being topless from behind in the trailer? Wasn't in the movie anywhere. Very clever, Marvel. You reeled in the pervs while still keeping your dignity.

Drax: Okay so Rocket explains to Quill that metaphors will go over Drax's head due to his culture, where Drax then replies 'Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too great, I would catch it.". Yeah, he's like that the whole movie and it is fantastic. He is hilariously literal, while still being a complete psycho AND tragic. feel bad for him because his wife and daughter were killed by Ronan, and then at the same time he is laughing like a lunatic while he's fighting. He's great.

Groot: If someone says they don't like Groot they are lying. Everyone on the team is some kind of thug except for Groot. He is completely innocent and is only deemed as a fellow outlaw because he adores Rocket and will do whatever he says, which is bounty hunting, theft, and prison breaks. He is an innocent, gentle, very very sweet creature that can also run roots through not only your body, but the minions standing behind you, lift all of you off the ground at once, and slam you from wall to wall until you are a pile of mess on the floor. He took out an entire hallway of guys and then when he was finished he turned around to Quill and smiled like, 'Groot do good?! I bet Groot did good! Rocket would be so proud of Groot!' Ho-lee-crap.

Rocket: So, back to what I was saying about messing the character up. They don't treat him like a mascot, or a sidekick. The trailers certainly put him off as one, since we all know a gun-slinging raccoon is marketable as hell. However, he is just so funny and so heart wrenching at the same time. He was a normal raccoon that was illegally experimented on. Most of his skeletal structure is cybernetics. He doesn't even know that he's a raccoon, he just thinks he was a normal person that was tortured for most of his life! He has no clue what he is or who he is, except that there is nothing like him in the entire universe, which he plays off with pride but in reality just makes him lonely. He starts having a little bit of a meltdown after he gets drunk and exclaims that he was taken apart and put back together over and over again and made into a monster. Then you have his maniac side, which is an evil genius that likes large guns and explosives just a little too much. He has to be pretty strong, too, because a lot of the ones he uses or just about as big as he is. I would have loved him despite being a raccoon. 

I seriously recommend seeing this movie, guys. It will ruin you for the next three years, but it will be worth it.


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United States
Name: Serenity (or at shcool they call me Pikachu)
Birthday: January 17th
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birth stone: Garnet
Planet: Saturn
Flower: Carnation
Favorite food: Rocky road or pineapple coconut ice cream, lasgna
Favorite colors: Teal and orange
Favorite Songs: Take Me Away (Globus), Simple and Clean (Utada Hikaru) A Place For Us (Carrie Underwood), Arms (Christina Perri), Cartoon Heroes (Aqua), Nyassu No Uta (Pokemon), Mangas Love (Megumi Hayashibara), Aimo Tori no Hitu (Megumi Nakajima), Cant Help Falling In Love (Elvis) Burning Love (also Elvis)

Favorite Cartoons Characters: Ozymandius, Wheatley, Stitch, Meowth, Lucario, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Oswald, Bonkers, Dodger, Pero, Jillas, Zelgadis, Xellos, Cait Sith, Dororo, Sora, Reepicheep, Daxter, Tart, Japolo, Rakushun, Spike dragon, Fluttershy, Toothless, Artemis, Jiji, Rev Runner, Rocky Rickaby, Gonff

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